Our Services

We helpĀ businesses implement better Information & Cyber Security Systems using ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and the new MOD Defence Standard 05-138 as a framework.

We Coach and Train our clients in the application of Risk Based Thinking and assist them in implementing robust Information Security & Cyber Security Systems using the above standards as a benchmark.

Our Coaching Approach – Why Coaching?

Traditional consultancy involves an ‘expert’ telling a company what they think the comapny should do based on the information they have acquired through due diligence & interview processes. Whilst this can be perceived as a relatively quick ‘Done For You’ solution, its effectiveness is reliant upon:

a) The consultant acquiring enough of the right information to base their recommendations on.
b) The company decision makers accepting what the consultant has to say and then following a proposed action plan..

Coaching is different, it uses questioning methods & techniques that allows the Business (i.e. business owners) to be fully aware of their goals and objectives, current situation, resource requirements & all the options available to them.

Action Plans are then established with the business owners and decision makers that completely fit the needs of the business, with a full understanding of potential obstacles that may be faced along with a plan by which to deal with them.

Benefits of this approach are:

a) The options and actions are established by the true experts in your business – You!
b) Actions set with realistic time frames
c) You own the actions and so the likelihood of carrying them out improves significantly

In the options phase we introduce you to tools and methodologies that will increase the options available to you (after all you don’t know what you don’t know) and then we coach you through how you would apply these to your business.

Coaching has proven time and again how effective it is within business, why not give it a go? Visit our Contact Page and get in touch