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The World of Information and Cyber Security

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Specialist Security Services For Your Business

GDPR Readiness and Compliance

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Data Protection Officer Services

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Information Security Strategic Review

All / Information Security Audits / Strategic Planning

Chief Information Security Officer Services

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Cyber Essentials Implementation

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ISO27001 Implementation

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ISO27001 Maintenance Audits

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Information Security Systems Audit

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ISO27001 Gap Analysis

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How We Can Help

Gap Analysis and Certified Audit Services

How good are your information security systems really? We offer Gap Analysis and Information Security Audits that meet UKAS accredited certification standards for ISO27001:2013.

Tailored Information Security Systems

No two organisations are the same when it comes to information security. We develop information security system that are build on internationally recognised frameworks, principles and best practices and tailor them to fit the needs of your buisiness.

Strategic Alignment

Information security permeates every aspect of an organisation and therefore every aspect your organisational strategy. We will help you ensure that your information security is aligned with your organisational strategy and strategic planning activities - a necessary consideration for all successful businesses today..

Holistic Approach

Information Security is not just about IT equipment and software, it includes physical security as well as internal and external personnel. Our holistic approach to Information Security ensures that your technical, physical and personnel infrastructure is aligned and co-ordinated to provide the best levels of information security.

Information Security Coaching and Training

The information security skills shortage is impacting every industry on a global scale. We provide coaching and training services that include basic information security awareness, how to tackle risk and threat management, development of information control objectives and information security policy creation and strategic planning.

Cost Effective Solutions

We offer a range of solutions that enable businesses to consume our services cost effectively at their own pace. This includes online training, webinars, telephone and email support and on-site consultancy. Contact us now and select the package that best suits your needs.