Chief Information Security Officer Services

Chief Information Security Officer Services

Virtual CISO’s are becoming popular as more and more businesses leaders realise that they need high level expertise within their organisations to help them identify and plan for the growing information and cyber security risks that threaten their businesses.

With the introduction of GDPR regulations in May 2018 there will also be a requirement for some businesses to employ the services of a Data Protection Officer*(DPO) who can demonstrate independence and objectivity towards personal data security and whilst having no conflict of interest and a reporting line direct to the most senior leadership.

Both of these roles require a specialist level of understanding which is scarce, making them difficult to source and expensive to employ on a full-time basis. Thankfully, this gap can be filled by specialist independent consultants from anywhere between a few days a year to a few days a month without being to be a day-to-day drain on the company finances. This is approach is now being adopted by many companies who are moving towards Virtual CISO and Virtual DPO as a cost effective way of satisfying this resource requirement.

We have expertise that can satisfy your requirements in both CISO and DPO capacities so if you require more information on what we can offer in this area then please contact us.

*Please note: A CISO will play a strategic role and be commercially informed regarding information security planning, these requirements involve activities which may conflict with the responsibilities of the DPO and so the CISO would not be able to fulfill both roles and maintain independence and objectivity. For more information specific to Data Protection Officer Services please check out our DPO Services Page.